Paradigm Renovation | Summer Projects
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Summer Projects

25 Jul Summer Projects

The warm weather over the past few weeks has really got me thinking about the exterior of my house and all of the small projects I need to complete. The garage needs a new coat of paint, and the rain gutters need to be leveled. Summer is an amazing time to finish these projects I’ve been needing to do. I also have a few dream projects that I know won’t happen this summer, but are still itching at the back of my mind. I really want to hand build a dining room table and maybe even a set of chairs to match. Honestly, I just don’t have the time to complete this big of a project in an already busy summer.

Thinking about these small projects, whether they are plausible or not, make me consider larger renovations. My bathroom needs to be updated, my kitchen could really use some new countertops, and my basement needs a complete overhaul. These projects are completely beyond my skill and time capabilities, so I know I would need to call in professional help to get them done. I realize that summer is a great time for renovations. I don’t have worry about inclement weather or plunging temperatures. The long, beautiful days make it easy if I want to get away for a day to give the builders time and space to work. It’s time I stopped putting off that garage paint job and rain gutter repair that I really need to do. Perhaps it’s time I gave a renovation company a call to help me figure out a plan for my bathroom, kitchen, and basement.